WOD 1 Video for Feb 2018
The 3rd Wheel Workout #1 12:00 AMRAP 10 Alternating DB Snatches 5 Burpee Box Jump Overs - - - Rx[...]
Registration for New WODs on the Block – The 3rd Wheel  is live!!!!
If your gym wants to host, get signed up here If you're looking to compete get signed up here!  
Last day to register
The comment I hear over and over again on competition day from spectators who are realizing what they’ve missed: “I[...]
Last Chance to sign up
Depending on how you look at it, you’ve either got three days (today, tomorrow and Wednesday) or two days (tomorrow[...]
1st Place Prize Announcement
We are beyond proud to have Driven Nutrition on board.  Several of our host gyms already offer Driven Nutrition to[...]

What is NewWODS?

New WODs on the Block is the fasted growing RX & Scaled competition series in America. It started as a local "fair" scaled only team competition and has evolved into a Nationwide competition that occurs 5 competitions a year.  Our RX WODs are the perfect mix of intensity, weight and skill while our Scaled WODs aren't focused on strength, but a balance of base strength, some skill, and overall conditioning.  Many scaled competitions have too many people in the final WOD that don't belong there. Scaled competitions that have men power cleaning 275 pounds, while the true scaled athletes have to sit on the sidelines and watch the finals.  We're proud that our WODs allow both our RX and Scaled Competitors to "go hard" for a day and show off their hard work.

The Twist!!!  
Male, & Female Teams compete for the same podium spots.  Girls vs Boys vs the World!!!
This will be done (AND KEPT FAIR) through traditional CrossFit RX & Scaled weights and movement standards.

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