New WODs on the Block is the fastest growing fitness competition series in the world.  Our success is hand in hand with the success we have helping gym owners make real money and show case their gyms in their markets.  We form partnerships with gyms.  We grow together.  We run 5 comps a year and protect your "territory".  We reward you for your work by looking at our relationship as a strategic gym partnership.  Our goal is to pay 3-4 months of your rent annually in just 5 days of work.


Everyone wants to run a competition.  You're either great at marketing or writing awesome WODs.  You're amazing at getting things scheduled and running on time or you kill it when it comes to pumping up an event.  We are a "done for you" competition.  We handle the marketing, WODs, standards videos, provide heat sheets and even show you how to make even more money by getting sponsors.  You still get to be amazing with your skill sets, we just fill in all the gaps.  Successful together.


We handle marketing through precise facebook campaigns.  There will not be a CrossFitter within 80 miles of your gym that isn't bombarded with ads (forcing them to sign up).  

Time Saving

With us doing all the "heavy lifting" you still get to run the day to day operations at your gym.  No stress for you means your member experience doesn't suffer.

New Members

Who doesn't like new members? With you running a great competition and not being stressed on game day, people will see your gym at its best and your membership inquiries over the next few weeks after each comp will increase.


Anyone can "boost" a picture on facebook.  We spend our money on ads that will bring the most competitors to your gym.


With us doing all the "heavy lifting" you still get to run the day to day operations at your gym.  No stress for you means your member experience doesn't suffer.


Corey Lewis - CrossFit Xtra Mile

The greatest benefit to us beside the revenue was the atmosphere that was created around the event. The first one in August people are still talking about how amazing the atmosphere was. The organization of everything sets it NewWODS apart!

Joe Whitehurse - Crossfit Aggregate

Tops 3 benefits for our gyms... Money. Fun. Exposure.

I've never hosted another competition, NewWODS ran really smooth and everyone was really appreciative of that.

  • Host FAQ
  • Host responsibilities
  • Equipment needed
  • Great exposure for your facility.
  • Great way to get your gym’s athletes to compete on their home turf
  • Hosts earn between 45-60% of registration revenue
  • No Buy-in cost
  • We provide a Worldwide online scoring system, heats, scoring sheets, and judging guidelines for the day of the event
  • We provide WOD standards videos.
  • We provide a “Blueprint” with details for running a successful event
  • Great way to market facility to local community and to generate new membership
  • We handle all the backend registration process
  • We handle changes as requested by athletes
  • We answer 99% of athlete questions and get the ones we cannot answer to you for you to handle
  • We market to a large radius around your gym on Facbook